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Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital


Tanya Whitley Burril recommends Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital.

Always a pleasure to take all my pets, so personable and caring we love it!

Cynthia Helms Efird recommends Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital.

We highly recommend Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital. Dr. Orr and the staff are fabulous. They really do care about the pets and families they serve.

Deborah Filkins recommends Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital.

Kind, competent, and caring from the vets to the front office staff. Couldn't do better than this.

Donna Allen Cohey recommends Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital.

I love this pet hospital!!!! They take such great care of my baby Coco....can’t imagine going to any other vet!!! A++ All the way!


Tonya Leigh Galloway reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star


Love Love Love this Vet Clinic!!! They took care of my baby til his very last breath!!!!! Dr Orr and staff are the best people!!!! Recommend this Vet to everybody!

Erin Nelson Webber

There is reason I drive past at least a dozen vet offices and 45 minutes to finally get to our amazing vet! ❤️
This sweet girl has been sick over the past weeks. Her vet has been out of the country for the week..... however, still checked on her daily through calls, messages and video chats.  Dr. Orr is the absolute best doctor we could have for our sweet baby. Our whole family truly appreciates you!

Debi Hunter Nelson Ditto — Dr Dennis Orr has not only taken good care of at least 6 of our family’s fur babies over the years, but he also takes care of their owners by helping us through some trying times with them! He is the best!

Kim Westendorf reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

Great place Very friendly and helpful.  My baby has had his teeth saved. Shots are so quick , I don't think he even noticed he had a shot.
It is great knowing my Baby is so loved.

Cristie Williams reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

I have been going to Mtpleasant for years and years they have always taken great care of my babies past and present I have nothing but love for them,we battled hw with Kahlua, an injured penial shaft with Trigger and most recently took my litter of 12 babies in as well as yesterday had to take their mom bc she was hit by a car, I don't have to wonder if they missed something I trust them 100%. They genuinely care. It's not about $$

Jennifer Wood reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

Dr. Orr is the best! He is kind, compassionate and truly loves his patients (and their owners).
Michelle is also one of my favorite people.  My family and I would not trust our babies with anyone else

Donna A Soro Curly and I agree with Ms Jennifer. There is no family like the Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital family.

Chris Williams

We greatly appreciated the compassion provided by the veterinarian and staff in the health care management of our dog while she was ill.


Sue Atkinson

Heart felt care and kindness. It is never easy to send your best friend to doggy heaven ...but when they are tired, hurting, and failing , it is the last best thing that we can give them as their loving owner. This vet and care team gave my husband , I and our dog Brandy, comfort and excellent service when we were traveling so far from home. Thank you Doctor Orr!


Duany Cruz

The receptionists and vet staff are awesome! I know my dog is in good hands. They are very attentive, sensitive to the patient needs and professional.


Kristy Benton


Great people working there. Also, great vets. Great place to board your pets- even sends you photos & videos of your pets. Highly recommend!!


Debbie Reynolds

I can not say enough good about Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital. Dr. Orr is one of the best vets I have seen. Excellent staff !!! It does not matter how good a vet is, if he does not have the staff to back him up.

Teresa Newton Ross reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

We love Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital. The staff is very caring and helpful.

Joy Greene Hooks reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

Awesome!!!!!Best care for my Samantha All my furbabies will be there

Julie Hatley reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

We love the staff there!! Everyone is helpful and Dr Orr is a great vet. All of the staff is very professional and compassionate. And they've taken very good care of my pets.

William Dewyea reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star 

It's nice to be able to put your trust in a group of people and not be disappointed. With all the pets and their people that they see on a regular basis, it's amazing that they can keep it on a personal level. They know pets, they know medicine. But, most importantly, they know what our pets mean to us. You always hear about how a pet wants to avoid the vet like the plague. It's funny that our Diesel and Ellie Mae get more excited when we pull in than they were when they realized they get to go for a ride. Thank y'all for making the hard stuff a little easier to bear and always dealing with us hypochondriac pet owners. Diesel sneezed, see you Monday. Hahaha! Just kidding. Happy New Year!

Tammy Leigh Kirk reviewed Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star 

I have always had great experiences here. The staff not only shows their extraordinary veterinary skills, but they treat you and your furry loved ones with the utmost compassion and love. They have always made me and my fur babies feel as if we were one of their own family members. I could not do, what they do. I thank God every day for these extraordinary, loving, kind people. They truly have a special place in heaven.

Janet Ridenhour Goodman reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

I began working with Dr. Orr when I was 17 years old. I have not worked with him in a little over 20 years. There's something to be said about being behind the scenes. I will say, he is one of the nicest, caring human beings I've had the pleasure of knowing. He is always honest with me even when I don't want to hear it. He has always presented me with all of my options no matter what the case. And again, being behind the scenes, I know he's the same person up front as he is in the back! Although you can't make everyone happy, THIS IS ONE HAPPY LADY. Thank you for all you do for me and the pack.

Charlotte Britt reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

Love Dr Orr and the staff! Dr Orr is very knowledgeable, friendly and presented me with options for treating a foster kitten. Now Gemini is better than ever!


Theresa Miller Hvasta reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital:

If you like a more personal experience, friendly and knowledgable staff, a sincere, caring and loving veterinarian then Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital is the place to go. Dr Orr takes his time with you and your pet and never makes you feel rushed. I feel at home there and have complete trust in Dr. Orr and his staff.

Ruth Derrow reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital
I have four cats and have found the staff very nice and they were kind to the cats during all procedures
Mark Higdon reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star
Dennis Orr is my friend and Shadys vet. He is equally great at both! If you know me than you know I'm tied with many as the #1 dog lover and I sincerely trust DR DENNIS ORR!


Linda Campuzano reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital

Got my baby neutered here and they took excellent care of him. Michelle, you are awesome. Thank you for being so patient! :) Highly Recommend.


Patricia Braja reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

I’ve taken Marvin (our tuxedo cat) to 2 other vets in this area and none were as helpful or informative as Dr. Orr. He takes the time to explain everything. This is the only vet that has actually called me back to see how Marvin is doing. I am impressed and sticking with Dr. Orr for Marvin’s healthcare needs.


Jo Ann S. Bratton reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 starThe entire Staff at Mt Pleasant Clinic are the BEST at all needed and required in taking care of our fur babies. They are patient, caring, compassionate and loving to each pet they serve. The Clinic like FAMILY when you are there and their patients are safe & secure in their care. Thank you Mt Pleasant Veterinarian Clinic !!!!! Merry Christmas


Pat Black-Furr reviewed Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital — 5 star

Love this place. Friendly caring staff and Dr. A and Dr. Orr are the best. Been going there for many years and they just keep getting better.


Robert Davis  Just a quick note to thank you for helping with my young ones, I can... already tell Gus is better! You guys are the best, for the pet owners as well as the animals. Thanks again!



Whitney Hawkins  Thanks for loving our Remington...


Amber Drye Wooten ” 5 star  Great doctors and staff! They always do their best to get you an appointment. They made my dog feel comfortable and took very good care of her.


Kathy Knight  5 star The BEST boarding facility ever! Thank you so much for taking such great care of Porch Kitty while I'm away! :) 


Dennis O'Connor  5 star  Dr. Orr took care of our dog Buck for 14 years. He always spent as much time as needed to make sure we knew what was taking place during our visits. His kindness and compassion was again on display as we had to put our beloved Buck down yesterday Dr. Orr had been working closely with Buck over the past several months, at the same time preparing us for what we knew was coming.  We said goodbye and Dr. Orr was so very kind and caring. This was a hard day made much easier by the gentle and loving nature of a great vet, and human being, Dennis Orr.
Thank you so much.


Anita Dolan  5 star My family and all my 4 legged babies past and present have been with Dr. Orr and Eileen Moose for 16 + years!! They and their whole staff become such a huge part of your family when your loved one is hurt or sick. They get the best care full of love and compassion!! But they will also be the first to tell you that owning a pet is a long term commitment of love, and how important it is from the very beginning to do wellness and preventive care for your pets to give them a long happy, healthy life. Sincerely, Anita Dolan 

Vivian Kelly ” 5 star Tuscarora's Country Club for Dogs love the Drs and the great staff at Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital...We bring our dogs to them for their vaccinations and medical needs as well as any special needs of our Boarding Guests! Thank you Dr. Orr and Dr. A  Great Team...

Jim McClellan

Dr Orr has been wonderful with all our dogs. I have always felt he is providing the best care and advice while never overcharging or padding the bill. His compassion for the animals is obvious. We were happy to follow him to Mt Pleasant when he moved there and have found the staff there to be great. Thank you Dr Orr for the care you give all our dogs!

Margaret Eubanks Johnson  5 star We had to put our sweet Lab Windy down Thursday afternoon. The staff and Dr Orr were very compassionate with our situation. Couldn't have asked for a better support group through such a difficult time. Missing our Windy.


Torry Lynn Revels Dr. Orr and the staff at Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital are the very best. Not only are they excellent at their jobs but they genuinely care about the animals they work with. My animals are my children and Dr Orr and the MPAH staff make me feel confident in the treatment they suggest. They treat my furbabies as if they were there furbabies. I can't say enough about this facility and the awesome people who work here. If you have a furry loved one and need emergency or annual care please go to the caring staff of Mt Pleasant Animal Hospital you won't be disappointed....



Mary Katherine Frick  This is the best Vet office around. They have such friendly staff and are always available to help you in the best way possible!!!


Michelle Stewart   They take such good care of my fur babies. I would highly recommend!

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