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Certificate of Veterinary Inspection / Acclimation Certificate


Are you traveling with your pet? 

If you plan to travel by auto, boat, or air with your pet to another state or internationally, your pet may require a certificate of veterinary inspection. A health certificate is a federal document generated by a federally accredited veterinarian. The certificate ensures that a pet has met certain health criteria. There are two general types of health certificates for pets: domestic for interstate travel within the U.S. (usually by air or car) and international (usually by air or boat). Both types have stringent rules veterinarians cannot bend.


Many diseases spread easily between animals and people, so government authorities everywhere want to make sure every pet travelling inside and outside of their country are healthy. Most destinations usually require a health certificate to accompany any pet, especially if travelling by airplane. Airlines may also have their own set of rules, depending on how your pet will be travelling. Travel certificates are meant to protect the safety of your pet, other travelers, and the environment in which you will be traveling.

Since there are a wide variety of animal health requirements specific to every destination, we highly recommend contacting us as soon as you know your travel details so we can assist with the pet travel process. Additional health requirements may include updating vaccines, deadlines to have your health certificate endorsed by a USDA APHIS veterinarian, performing lab testing, or receiving medications or treatments. It is important to note that when it comes to traveling with your pet internationally, it can take several months and multiple visits to the vet to complete the necessary requirements.

Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital has multiple veterinarians on staff who are USDA accredited and experienced in issuing both domestic and international health certificates. Whether you are moving with the military, for business or simply traveling outside of the state or country we are committed to assisting you in bringing your pets along with your family.

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