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If your pet becomes sick or injured, call us to make an appointment.  Please keep in mind that our appointment slots generally fill up 1-2 weeks out.  If you call when your pet is sick and our appointments that day are already full, if possible, we will see your pet on a walk-in basis.  When this happens, please understand that your wait may be longer.  Please also understand that we are a small, family owned care center with a small staff size and set hours of operations.  This limits the number of patients that we are physically able to examine during any day.  If you call with a sick pet or emergency situation, we will see your pet if we are able to do so in a timely manner.  But if we feel that our caseload at the time that you call is too heavy and will prevent us from addressing your pet's need in a timely manner, then we may suggest to you to either take your pet to a 24/7 clinic or to call other local animal clinics to see if they can see your pet sooner.  This is for the well-being of your pet.  It is not a refusal of service.  We will always put the best interest of the pet first even when the choice may not be what the owner prefers.  


Also know that we do not have staff available past 5:30 pm to monitor patients.  Therefore, we are not equipped to give the proper care needed for any emergency situation which rises late in the afternoon.  In these situations, we may advise that you seek care from an emergency clinic.  If this is the case, or if you have an EMERGENCY when our office is closed, please call one of the following:

  • CEVC located in Kannapolis at 704-932-1182

  • CVS located in Matthews at 704-815-3939

  • CVS located in Huntersville at 704-949-1100

  • CARE located in Charlotte at 704-457-2300

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