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Located in picturesque downtown Mt Pleasant, across from the 5th/3rd Bank, near WHAT-A-BURGER, near Marvin's Family Resturant and just down the block from MOOSE PHARMACY.  If  you can not find 704-436-9715

Reception/Waiting Area

We have separate DOG and CAT entrance doors and waiting areas to minimize stress for our furry patients.

Exam Room

Our examination rooms are large and spacious.  We provide comfortable seating for you, the owner, during your brief wait for the doctor.

Lab Area

Our lab area is eqipped with modern, in-house diagnostic laboratory equipment.  We can perform many diagnostic blood tests quickly and accurately.  We also have an affiliation with an outside reference laboratory in order to provide more specialized diagnostic tests if needed.

Our pharmacy shelves, right here in our hospital, are stocked with most of your pet's medications in order to save you time when initiating treatments for your pets.

Treatment Room

Our treatment room is large and spacious with plenty of room for the doctors to work with and around your pets.  We have high-speed dental cleaning/polishing equipment to handle most of your pet's dental health issues. 

Digital Radiology

We have up-to-date modern digital radiographic equipment to provide rapid and finely detailed radiographs of the patient which enables the doctors' to diagnose many internal medical problems.  We have a contract with a board-certified radiologist for speedy consultations when needed.  We can also burn CD/DVD disks or email radiographs to you or to any specialist if needed.


We have a very large surgical suite in order to provide many surgical procedures for your pet including but not limited to spays, neuters, declaws and abdominal exploratory surgery.  Although we do not provide orthopedic surgery, we can refer orthopedic surgery patients to Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Charlotte or NCSU-CVM in Raleigh, NC.

Exercise Area

We have a large exercise/play area, securely enclosed, for our overnight guests to use with supervision from our staff. Our play area is shaded for comfort on hot, sunny days and uses artificial turf which maximizes drainage, thus allowing for a much more cleaner environment which minimizes the potential for the spreading of diseases.           

Boarding Kennel

We currently have twelve large indoor runs for our bigger overnight boarding guests with solid panels separating the individual kennels to minimize contact between the guests.           

Cat Boarding

In addition to our dog runs, we also provide boarding for our feline friends and small dogs in a separate, secure area with "Quiet Cottages" that provide a warm, quieter alternative to standard cages, thus minimizing stress for your pets.

Food and Retail Area

We provide an organized retail space stocked with leashes, collars, pet food and medical prescription food.  Hill's Science Diet, Hill's Prescription Diets, Royal Canin and Purina Medical Diets are included in our inventory.


We have five stainless steel cages in a room separated from the main patient areas for treatment and housing of hightly contagious pets.  This room contains it's own equipment, protective gear and a separate ventilation system to minimize contamination to our other patients. 


We have two large stainless steel bathing tubs for bathing both dogs and cats.  We have a part-time groomer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Call for an appointment.